Real Deal Roundup
My original intention on this blog was to just present you with the sale opportunities that were easy and fast, i.e. printable coupons or no coupon sales only.  However, over the last couple of weeks, I have realized that I am leaving out a large number of really amazing deals just by assuming that you don’t clip coupons.  But, know what?  You don’t have to!!  There are people out there willing to do it for you!  There are a large number of coupon clipping services out there, but I’m going to direct you to my favorite right now.

The Q Hunter

I came across this site when they were sponsoring a giveaway while trying to grow their following on Facebook.  I had already been researching several services, but this is the one!  Her prices are very reasonable, she has a good shipping schedule, and customer service is very important to her.  She is a SAHM (stay-at-home mom) of two girls (just like me!) so your money is going to a good cause! J Her site is also very well laid out and easy to search.  Shipping prices are on-par or better than competitors and she only has a $1.00 minimum order.  In other words, I HIGHLY recommend using her service.

You can access her site from the button found underneath my Blogroll on the right hand side of my webpage or from the link above.

Additional Sources of Coupons

The first and obvious place is the coupon insert that comes in the Sunday newspaper.  Generally speaking, every Sunday paper should have a Smart Source (SS) and a Red Plum (RP) insert.  The first Sunday of the month usually has a Proctor & Gamble (P&G) insert as well.  Inserts usually are not included in the Sunday paper right around a holiday (there will be no inserts on 11/18/10, 12/19/10 or 12/26/10).  I usually buy two papers so that I will have at least two copies of really good deals.  I will sometimes come across a sneak peak of what coupons will be in the upcoming insert, and may buy more than that if I would like to add to my stockpile (for more about Stockpiling, visit the Stockpiling 101 series at Stockpiling Moms).

You can find tons of printable coupons online.  I will put the link to the coupon in my blog post, but there will always be coupons available that you may want but in which I have no interest.  It would be best for you to check the major coupon printable sites for those brands most important to you.  The two biggest are and  The general trick to printable coupons is this: most of them will allow you to print two copies of each coupon.  Because searching can sometimes be time consuming, the easiest way that I have found to print two copies is to print the coupon, hit the BACK button on your browser (you should get a “Webpage Expired” page), then hit your browser’s REFRESH button and it should print again.  To get more than two coupons on those really good deals, you will need more than one computer.  You can print twice per computer.  A word of caution: it is never good to print a coupon once and then copy it.  Not only is it ethically wrong, but most stores will not accept it.  Some stores will check to make sure that your coupons have different codes on them, so save yourself the embarrassment of trying to cheat the system and just don’t do it.  The exception to this are emails or coupons that are already in PDF format, those are usually intended to be printed multiple times.

Another often-overlooked source of coupons is right in the store as you are shopping!  Lots of times these coupons will be spit out by a little machine with a blinking red light on it.  My girls and I play a game when grocery shopping: they go down the aisle ahead of me and look for all the blinking machines!  They don’t get as bored that way.  Also look for booklets on display and other tearpads.  If it says that it is a manufacturer’s coupon, it does not need to be used in the store you found it.  You can take it and save it for a future sale.  Just don’t peel any off of actual products, those are intended to be used at the time you purchase that product.

Thanks ya’ll!

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