Real Deal Roundup
Instant Win games are a cool way to get additional coupons for products you like, as well as the chance to win some great prizes.  Unfortunately, they can also be quite time consuming to fill out the required information.  Is it worth the trouble?  You’d certainly believe so if you win!  Plus, I’ve found a few that are really valuable for extra coupons.

General tips for Instant Win/Sweepstakes

·         It is highly recommended that you download a software that will auto-fill your personal information.  The down side is that they don’t work 100% of the time (especially if it is a Flash game).  The upside, it will save you TONS of time in typing.  The one that I use is called RoboForm.  I have used it for years and have had no problems with viruses/malicious content from the download.  It can be safely downloaded HERE . Just click on the Download tab, no need for the Pro version.

·         It is also highly recommended that you set up a different email account for your entries.  Most of the sponsoring companies will send you newsletters after you sign up for the sweepstakes.  I use Gmail for mine, because I think they have a better spam blocker for adult content.  But don’t forget to read those emails because sometimes you will get coupons!

·         I use Outlook mail client to set up a calendar to remind me to do my daily entry.  The nice thing is that you can set up an event to reoccur for the length of the promotion.  For example, the Sobe contest that I love ends on 9/11/10, so I have the event scheduled to expire on 9/11/10.  Takes the guesswork out of things! (thanks Clinton for reminding me of the Calendar tool!)

Current Instant Win/Sweepstakes

Remember that all of these can be entered daily.

·         AARP – chance to win a cruise or an instant win prize, fun little game for the instant win.  And no, you do not have to be of retirement age! – ends 9/17/10

·         Bed, Bath and Beyond – cool Grand prizes plus a chance to be an Instant winner of a Gift Card – ends 9/7/10

·         Breyers – spin the Wheel of Delight daily for 3 chances to win an instant prize plus one entry into a sweepstakes – ends 10/1/10

·         Coke – this one’s tricky – there are several instant win games. Once you are signed up, go under the Spend your Points tab and select Instant Win.  Without codes from caps, you can only enter 5 times per day, but you can enter any of the games any number of times up to 5.  Spend them all on one or spread them out, your choice.  To get the 5 free chances, you have to click Rules under any one of the games.  Scroll down to section 5c and choose the Click Here link, enter the code as seen.  Do this 5 times.  Then, enter the game of your choice.  Yes, a little work here, but some of those prizes could be worth the trouble!  Each game has its own expiration date.

·         Ghirardelli – vote for your favorite new flavor and get a chance to win some free chocolate!  You also get a coupon for your trouble if you don’t win – ends 9/20/10

·         Hellman’s – enters you into a sweepstakes plus three spins to win an instant prize – ends 1/4/11

·         Honey Nut Cheerio’s – this one has a fun game to play, but your score does not affect your chances of winning (thank goodness).  You are playing for a year’s worth of cereal! – ends 6/28/11

·         Lindt – chance to win a trip to Switzerland or a trip to NYC to see Roger Federer play! – ends 9/12/10

·         Nestle – sweepstakes and daily prizes – ends 10/15/10

·         Office Depot – use the Shoppers entrance, win a Gift card – ends 9/5/10

·         Play-doh –  you do not have to purchase to play, click on the link to get a free code.  You get three chances, the same free code works each time – ends 9/30/10

·         Quiznos – trying for gift cards, but you still get a coupon if you don’t win – ends 9/20/10

·         Sobe – this one’s my favorite!  Play the neat little game, and you can win free drinks or a Buy 1 Get 1 Free coupon.  I have won several of the coupons (be sure your popup blocker is turned off before trying to print!) – ends 9/14/10

·         Spy the World this is just a daily sweepstakes entry, but the prize is awesome! – ends 9/20/10

·         Wet Ones – chance to win a grand prize or daily prizes – ends 9/20/10

There are TONS more instant win/sweepstakes out there, so this will get you started.  I’ll try to post some more every few days as others expire.

Thanks to Coupon Maximizer for most of these!

Thanks ya’ll!

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