Real Deal Roundup
So have you ever heard of the coupon phenomenon?  I hadn’t…then I started perusing some blogs as an off-shoot of my very favorite food blog (Annie's Eats) and found, very quickly I might add, that I have just been an IDIOT for paying retail all these years!!

I have heard people say that they think coupons are a waste of time because, really, who cares about saving $0.25 at a time?  And of course we all get mad at the person with piles of coupons who then pulls out a checkbook at the grocery line (don’t be mad at them, the store should have more lines open!).  So there is a certain stigma associated with being one of those people.  Well, folks, I’m here to tell you that we’ve got it all wrong!  Those people are laughing at us…all the way to the bank!  Over the last few days, I have been overwhelmed with all of the information that these CP (my abbreviation for Coupon People) are willing to divulge to the “beginner”.  I am in AWE of some of the hauls that they bring in.  And there are hundreds if not thousands of sites out there ready and willing to help YOU become a CP too!  So….

With the support of my family, we’ve pledged to never pay retail again (if we don’t have to!).  And, hopefully to help my friends who would never have the time to sift through all that information, I am starting this blog to sacrifice myself to finding and sharing the REAL DEALS out there.  That’s right, I’m a martyr.  Call me Saint Lisa!

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